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New Thoughts for Final Project

I will be working with Sarah and we want to study the topic of women’s beauty in relation to age and gender. We want to examine whether older adults will have different or similar views on beauty as younger adults and teens. We also want to study whether males and females have different views of what is considered beautiful.

Here is our ideas of methodologies: We will prepare a short questionnaire that we will begin with which will ask participants basic questions about their opinions of beauty. We will also provide participants with different pictures and ask them to rate the pictures in terms of beauty, and to explain their reasoning. We also want to ask participants to predict what they think will be considered beautiful in the future, if they think the ideas of beauty will change.

Thoughts for a Final Project

After reading some of the previous semesters’ students’ projects, a common theme that strikes and interests me is gender differences. I am not sure yet which direction I would like to study gender differences, perhaps in relation to religion, perhaps in relation to academic attitudes, or maybe some other aspect…..

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